"The sad part is, many advisors make decisions they know are not in the best interest of their clients.  Thankfully you guys are different."

--R.K., Toronto


"Generally speaking, I’d have to say I’m pretty jaded about the high-net-worth/retail arm of the business. My recent interactions with my grandmother’s broker have done nothing but deepen my cynicism. Your approach is excellent - theoretically sound, investor appropriate and above all fair."

--J.S., Toronto


"We are generally positive people, but we are underwhelmed with the overall integrity and transparency of the asset management business.  At the end of the day, a litany of recurring mistakes are made within the industry to the constant detriment of the client.  I see this with my siblings and how they are handled by IAs at the “big, safe banks.”  The orderly conversion of the client’s assets into commissions seems to be their primary objective!"

--M.T., Toronto


"I believe Jesse and team can offer independent advice which represents significant value."

--G.B., Toronto


"Not sure if you have moved ahead with Jesse or not … but if you haven’t, I wanted to share that I have referred a number of clients over to them who are exceedingly happy with their dedication and performance.  Too many others are more focused on their own profitability than their clients’."

--M.T., Toronto


"We sought his group out specifically because of their integrity and expertise, as we were seeking to diversify from concentrated real estate and traditional market-linked investments.  Over the years in which we have discussed all manner of investment-related topics, their message has never wavered. They are professional, credible, knowledgeable, experienced, successful, and above all, prudent. They deliver on their promises and I am pleased to endorse them for your consideration."

--M.F., Toronto


"David reached out to me yesterday to let me know how impressed he was with you personally and your approach.  I know you will do a great job for him down the road.  Thanks for taking such good care of him, he is a business associate and friend of mine."

--H.L., Toronto


"Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. Your approach and candour are refreshing. It’s all about building long-term, trusted relationships with experts in their fields … switching costs are too high (financially, logistically, and emotionally). Based on meeting you – and feedback from our mutual friends – your team sure understands how to earn that kind of relationship."

--L.A., Toronto


"Thank God for your help."

--S.R., Montreal


"I have been working with Jesse for many years and am very comfortable recommending them to you and your clients."

--J.G., Toronto


"Thank you for the professionalism and dedication with which you are treating us and, for all the work and effort you’ve been putting in towards help us reaching our retirement goals."

--E.I., Montreal


"I came to recognize the need for a formal and disciplined approach to investing. Over the years, they have delivered on every one of the stated intentions."

--R.M., Montreal


"From the beginning, I have been impressed by their knowledge of portfolio design, depth of due diligence, and objectivity of their recommendations.  Jesse is also among the most knowledgeable advisors in Canada for alternative investments.  I know that they treat their fiduciary duties with utmost care and are only concerned with doing what is right for their clients, with no potential conflict of interest."

--J.B., Toronto