How You Benefit

What can AdviceCheck give you?

Peace of mind

Know that you have someone good looking after you.


In your advisor, your plan, and your future.


Protection from a wayward advisor who, by omission or commission, is not doing what's right for you.

Even honest investment advisors can make poor decisions that lead to financial losses. At AdviceCheck™, we conduct detailed investigations to help protect your assets against bad practices. And we're 100% conflict-free, working only for you.

Case Study - Mrs. A.K.

Once a year, for nearly 20 years, her advisor had been coming to her house for an "annual review" where she would collect the upcoming year's contributions and say that things were "on track".

As she approached retirement with her husband, she began to question her advisor's assurances that "everything was fine".  How was she to know if that was true?  Would she really be okay? 

After investigation, we found that she was in good financial shape for her upcoming retirement.  However, she was also being charged at least twice as much as the norm, earning sub-par returns, and her advisor was making recommendations designed              to maximize her own income                 at the expense of her client. 

Mrs. K. valued her relationship with her advisor, especially from a personal standpoint, and decided to continue working with her.  However, we were able to successfully negotiate the advisor's fee down by 50%, end the practice of conflicted

She knew her advisor

was getting paid-- 

probably handsomely--for her work, but she didn't know how much since fees were not plainly disclosed.  What was driving her advisor's recommendations to make certain investments?  And what if things weren't really okay--could she afford to retire or would she be working forever? 

decision-making, and work with the advisor to reposition parts of the portfolio.

"AdviceCheck™ was professional, caring and kind at all times. They helped me answer questions that nobody else could and I finally feel in charge of my affairs."

-  Mrs. A.K., Thornhill